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We offer customizable software, web development, web hosting, consulting, database application development, training, graphical design and even full systems at reasonable prices.

Different types of business have their own software needs.

For example:

Construction and manufacturing companies normally want fairly extensive job costing software in order to keep track of income and expenses on different projects.

Retail stores often want online ecommerce systems in order to let customers see or purchase their products online.

People in the legal professional normally want document management systems and imaging systems for imaging their paper documents into their computer systems.

Reseller agreements are available at 50% profit guaranteed.

Databases that we use in include: Access, MySQL, SQL Server (with SSAS, SSIS and SSRS) and Visual FoxPro.

Web Languages that we use in include: ASP.Net, C#, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, VB and WPF (Windows presentation foundation).

Reporting software that we use include: Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and PHP Report Maker. In addition, any language that outputs text can be used to write customized reports.

Web Languages Frameworks that we use include: AJAX, Bootstrap and ReactJS (responsive design frameworks), JSON and Zend Framework.

Most of the different products or languages from the categories underlined above can be combined in different ways in order to create the desired programming platform and database platform.  For example: ASP.Net could be combined with the scripting language of C# and the database SQL Server and SQL Reporting Services in order to create an extremely comprehensive report generator.  The responsive web design frame works Bootstrap or ReactJS could then be put around this program in order to make the program size content, images and all web pages objects correctly regardless of the screen size or device.




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